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Dr. Almas Fatma

General Physician
Dr. Almas Fatma - General Physican
7.0 years of experience
+91 7829779561
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Dr. Almas Fatma is a General Physician in Navi Mumbai with an experience of over seven years. She has completed her MBBS & Diploma in Family Medicine and also holds the distinction of being a lifetime member of Telemedicine Society of India. After having worked at Apollo Hospitals, Dr Almas Fatma has begun to cater her patients through online consultation. She has expertise in providing healthcare services in Fever, COVID19, Diabetes, UTI, asthma, hypertension and general health check. Dr. Almas Fatma has an experience in both extensive hospital setting and telehealth to strategize the best treatment plan for her patients.



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ALCURA FAMILY CLINIC is a teleclinic that provides patients with easy and effective access to quality Healthcare services at a lower cost. Patients can consult with Dr. Almas Fatma, a General Physician in Navi Mumbai, on video call or audio call and can easily book appointments online from anywhere in India. Alcura Family Clinic focus to promote wellness of patients and their family along with complete routine care for both acute and chronic conditions. Dr. Almas Fatma truly believes in bringing back the days of a family doctor through online consultation and strives to be the one for you and your family.


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Frequently asked questions

Is online medical consultation with doctor private ?

Every consultation is completely private and confidential. We take your privacy very seriously and provide you a safe, secure and private mode of interaction with the doctor. To experience a secure telehealth consultation, book your appointment with Dr Almas Fatma, a general Physician in NaviMumbai, now.

What if I need to have lab test done after doctors consultation?

If required, Dr. Almas will provide you the option of home sample collection. She is a General Physician in Navi Mumbai who works along with NABL,CAP & ICMR accredited labs which provides home collection in 100+ multiple cities across India and hence providing you the best affordable and maximum care at your doorstep.

How does Dr Almas Fatma offer online consultation?

Dr Almas Fatma offers online consultations (audio and video consultation) through icareheal platform.

What happens if we consume excess nutrients?

Excess intake of all nutrients, from water, to iron, to water-soluble B vitamins, can potentially cause toxicities. If you take vitamins and minerals in amounts above the established upper limits of the Recommended Dietary allowances (RDI), it may harm tissues where the vitamin is stored in their body. That?s why you shouldn?t take more than the recommended amount.

Can high blood pressure cause a stroke?

High or uncontrolled blood pressure can cause your blood vessels to rupture, leak or become narrow. It can also lead to the formation of blood clots in your brain, thereby restricting the blood flow and causing a stroke. The patient can sometimes also have a mini-stroke (Transient Ischemic Attack- TIA) that restricts the blood supply to the brain. This attack is often a warning that you are at a risk of a getting a serious stroke. For appropriate stroke management, consult Dr Almas Fatma, a general Physician in Navi Mumbai.

What are early warning signs of neurological diseases?

You can witness Sudden numbness or weakness Loss of hearing or speech difficulties Confusion Poor cognitive skills Double vision Difficulty in vision Seizures Difficulty in walking Severe Headache Bladder/ Blood Dysfunction

How often should I consult a doctor for diabetes?

It depends on your sugar levels and associated complications. If your diabetes is well controlled and there are no associated problems a periodic check-up in every 3-6 month interval is recommended.

How do I check whether I have diabetes?

To check yourself for diabetes, run through a list of symptoms: If you suspect Diabetes: High blood glucose cause symptoms such as increased frequency of urination, increased appetite, increased thirst, weight loss, easy fatiguability, blurred vision, dryness of skin, recurrent yeast infections If you suspect Diabetes Type 1: Above mentioned symptoms occurring in a child can be a clue to type 1 diabetes. Sometimes with very high glucose in type 1 diabetes, stomach pain, nausea and vomiting, shortness of breath and drowsiness can also occur (a condition called diabetic ketoacidosis). If you suspect Diabetes Type 2: Type 2 diabetes can remain silent and is often detected during a routine health check up. If the blood glucose levels are high, the above-mentioned symptoms can also occur in type 2 diabetes. If you have any of these symptoms, contact your doctor. For best diabetes management, consult Dr Almas Fatma, a general Physician in Navi Mumbai.

How common is Pelvic Inflammation?

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) is one of the most common gynecological problems. While the exact number cannot be determined due to unreliable diagnosis from clinical signs and symptoms, it is credited for 3 ? 10% of all gynecology related hospital admission in India.

What should be the lifestyle changes to treat high blood pressure?

No matter what medications your doctor prescribes to treat your high blood pressure, you will need to make lifestyle changes to lower your blood pressure. 1. Eating a healthier diet with less salt. Fruits and vegetables are rich in certain antioxidants that prevent narrowing of blood vessels. 2. Exercising regularly for at least 40 minutes. 3. Quitting smoking 4. Limiting the amount of alcohol you drink 5. Maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight if you are overweight or obese 6. Stress management: Continuous stress may lead to the activation of sympathetic nervous system and causes hypertension. For hypertension managemnet and advice, consult Dr Almas Fatma, a general Physician in Navi Mumbai.

What is the difference between common cold and flu?

Common cold and flu are both respiratory diseases. However, common cold is a milder problem than the flu. The main symptoms of common cold are cough, sneeze and nasal congestion which are easy to trat. But if you are suffering from flu symptoms then you can feel ill for a few days to months. It can also cause serious health problems like pneumonia.

Are online consultations legal?

As per the telemedicine guidelines published on 25th March 2020 by the MCI in partnership with the NITI Aayog, online consultations (delivery of healthcare over a digital medium) with a doctor are deemed perfectly legal. Patients and doctors can interact with each other digitally over various media. We offer a secure and encrypted platform for patients to connect with doctors online. It allows patients and doctors to interact at their own convenience. Online consultations are not recommended for emergency cases.

What is a telehealth visit or online consultation?

A telehealth visit is essentially an appointment with your physician or advanced practitioner over any platform via technology such as cellphone, laptop, phone, computer. It can be done on call/audio, chat/text message or video call via any app that allows audio and visual communication between you and your provider. Book an appointment with Dr Almas Fatma, a General Physician in Navi Mumbai for all your healthcare needs.

Can I receieve my prescription after online consultation?

You can access your prescription after your consultation. The prescription will be emailed to you after your consultation is done. You can also access the prescripription anytime from the icareheal app.

What are the tests that a general physician may prescribe?

General physicians prescribe several tests including MRIs, CT scans, blood glucose levels, ECG, complete blood count, urine analysis, renal function test, liver function test.

Does Dr. Almas Fatma have any background in online or telehealth consultation?

Dr. Almas has been working full-fledged across multiple online consultation platforms PAN India and has taken telemedicine courses such as: - Telemedicine Practice Guidelines certificate of proficiency by Telemedicine Society of India. - Certificate Course in Telemedicine Law for Doctors by Institute of Medicine & Law. - Tele-Diabetes Course certificate of proficiency by Telemedicine Society of India.

What equipment do I need to have for online consultation or in order to attend a telehealth visit?

You need to have a cellphone or a computer or a laptop with good call connectivity (for audio consultation) and good internet connectivity (for video consultation).

What are the consultation charges of Dr Almas Fatma, General Physician in Navi Mumbai?

The consultation charges of Dr Almas Fatma vary for different modes. The charge for video consultation is Rs 700/- and the consultation charge for audio call is Rs 600/.

What are Dr. Almas Fatma's qualifications?

Dr. Almas Fatma has done her MBBS from KBNIMS, Gulbarga, Karnataka, under Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science [RGUHS], Bangalore, Karnataka. Besides these, she has successfully completed many multiple courses and certifications. A few of them are listed below. 1. Diploma in Family Medicine (DFM) Accredited to Royal college of General Practitioner [RCGP] UK conducted by Apollo Hospital Educational & Research foundation India.[AHERF]. 2. Certification Course on General Practice by Royal College of General Practitioners & Medvarsity. 3. Acute Medicine (ACUMEN) Course in association with Royal College of Physicians and NHS England by Medvarsity. 4. PG Diploma in Infectious Diseases by Medvarsity in association with University of New South Wales, Australia. [UNSW]. 5. Diploma in Diabetes Management by Apollo Hospital Educational & Research Foundation, India [AHERF] & Medvarsity. 6. COVID 19 Refresher Course by Christian Medical College, Vellore in Oct 2021 and has successfully completed many other multiple courses and certiifications.

What conditions can Dr Almas Fatma treat?

Dr Almas Fatma is a specialized general physician in Navi Mumbai with expertise in treating health issues such as fever, cold, cough, UTI, diabetes, COVID,hypertension, thyroid, anemia, cholesterol, asthma, menstrual issues, antenatal and postnatal care and much more. To see more reasons, visit https://icareheal.com/.

How can I take an online appointment with Dr. Almas Fatma, a General Physician in Navi Mumbai?

To book an online appointment with Dr. Almas Fatma, you can click Book Now and complete the steps to secure an appointment. You can also download the icareheal app, add Dr. Almas Fatma as your family physician and book appointments for video consultation.

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